When the Lily Blooms

Reflections to Restore the Heart and Soul

It had always been a dream of mine to one day write a book. Little did I know that all the events, circumstances and the good times as well as the hard times, were preparing me for one day accomplishing my dream!

Several years before it was finally time to write the book, four words came to me. They were Simplicity, Silence, Solitude and Surrender. In the spring of 2011, I went on a retreat by myself. It was during this alone time that I framed the outline for the book.

Working with fifty two Bible passages I divided these into categories. The result was the four sections of Simplicity, Silence, Solitude and Surrender with the Bible verses to correlate to them.

I really never wanted to write a “devotional”, but somehow in the end it’s what it could be called. However, it has become much more than that. When I am working with a client who is in need of physical, emotional and spiritual restoration, my book is used as the coaching curriculum. And for my retreats, each guest is given a copy as a reference to use during the reflection time. Many people have read this book as a way to find perspective and insight.

When the Lily Blooms was published in 2012. The result was a book that contains a story about how God has spoken to me, ministered to me or showed me a truth. This book also has two hundred seventy coaching questions to help the reader gain insight. A suggested method of mine is to read a reflection a week and work on the questions. Some have done this as a way of being “deeply” restored by God.