Thanks for visiting my website. I’m passionate about helping people find hope and encouragement in this journey of life. In 2009 life coaching opened the doors for me to help others find clarity, form strategies for their life, and to become that accountability person we all need. Since then, clients have come to me who are in transition, are weary from the “hard” things in life or who are simply looking for a better way to do things. Check out my life coaching page for more details, but more importantly, contact me and let’s connect!

Thirteen years ago I literally stumbled on the idea of hosting retreats. I was asked to host one at the last minute and my guests loved it. I loved it! And so retreats began to happen! These days I find retreats to be an essential part of life for anyone who sees the need to step away, hit the reset button or to find a way to regain a perspective on life. My retreat topics are listed here on the website, but anything is possible. So if you have a need, an idea or want a specific type of retreat, let’s talk!

And then there’s my book. It turned out to be much different than I anticipated once I had written it. But it’s been a great resource for people who know that we can’t ignore the spiritual aspect of our “being”. Some of my coaching and retreats are based on When the Lily Blooms, but if your’e looking for an easy and truthful way to connect with God, you’ll find this as you read and reflect through it.

During my years of working in healthcare, I took care of people’s physical needs. But so often I saw the need for taking care of the heart and soul also. I hope that you’ll find ways to do that, and if I can be of help, let me know. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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