A Haven to Relax

Providing hospitality and personalized retreats for women, Jayne opens loves to provide retreats to restore the heart and soul.

Retreats are held in her retreat setting in the Minnesota River Valley 30 minutes southwest of the Twin Cities. Jayne's private and secluded oasis is the perfect place to retreat and disconnect. Whether it's cozying up in the sun room or escaping in the flower gardens, Jayne's home allows guests to be still and relax – the perfect setting to step away.



Individualized Retreats

This is a one day retreat for individuals. It includes a day of coaching, time for personal reflection, rest and conversation at the client’s discretion as well as meals, beverages and materials. The De-stress and Restoration Retreat is a way to truly get away, spend time away with God without having to go away overnight.

"I was able to rest and reflect. The book is an excellent guide and Jayne provided a wonderful place for this experience."

– L.S.


Small Group Retreats

This is an affordable alternative to individual coaching or for women who need to step away for a day. Retreats vary from 4 to 8 hours and are customized for 4 to 6 women. Food, beverages and all materials are included in the price. Previous guests have highly recommended this type of retreat for all women.

"Your hospitality and kind spirit ministers so well to those who need help to be renewed."

– P.B.

Retreats Designed to Fit Your Needs

Whether you're in need of a retreat for relaxation and de-stressing, or a retreat to help you forgive and become whole again, Jayne has personalized retreats geared to your very need. If you do not see a retreat that fits your needs, please contact Jayne to discuss alternate options.


Your Design

This six hour retreat is jam packed for guests who want to discover how they are designed. Women are guaranteed to have “aha” moments during their day! This retreat is fun, yet informative. Young women (ages 18-30) especially benefit from this day. However, it’s never too late to discover why you love the things you do and what makes your heart sing!

Care for the Heart and Soul

This is Jayne’s signature one day retreat for women who have the need to step away from the stress of life and be restored. Women are given the opportunity to reflect, rest and be pampered. Jayne’s book is used as the curriculum and each guest is given a personalized itinerary. There is no group sharing time required during this retreat.



This day is for women who desire to move forward, free of the burden of not having forgiven the people from her past who have hurt her. Material from Jayne’s book is used and during this one day retreat guests are able to individually work at their own pace to be set free from not having forgiven. Jayne is the host and coaches, prays and ministers to guests individually during this retreat.

Care for the Care Giver

A new one day retreat for professional care givers to encourage and empower them. This day is for caregivers who have a need to step away and gain perspective. Materials from Jayne’s book, her experience as a health care provider and as a life coach will encourage and restore guests spiritually, emotionally and physically.



This unique and interactive retreat is available for women to strengthen their relationships with other women. Jayne offers tools and activities along with coaching to facilitate and strengthen the bond between guests. Women will laugh (and maybe cry) as they learn new things about each other!

Elite Teachers

Jayne has true admiration for teachers; one of the highest career callings possible. During this mini retreat teachers are able to align themselves personally and professionally to be more affective in the classroom and in their personal lives. This retreat will empower guests with goals and working strategies to take home with them.

Retreat Pricing

Retreats vary according to each type of retreat. For more information about what type of retreat is right for you, please contact Jayne.

  • Retreats start as low as $59.00 per guest

  • Free for a guest who brings 5 other paid guests